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by | Jun 6, 2023

Jihad: The word Jihad is an Arabic word, literally meaning “struggle” or “effort”, and it is meant for more than Holy wars. The word “Jihad” occurs 41 times in the Holy Quran. Moreover, in other terms, it is meant for “inner struggling” to gain spirituality. What is the difference between war and jihad? The main difference between both terms is that war is the creation of Humans whereas Holy war is a divine goal. Jihad is truly for the sake of Allah and His sovereignty. The religion Islam preaches for having tolerance and moderation.

What is Jihad? Learn Quran Online To explore about term Holy War

There are various learning websites for kids and adults, who offers to learn Quran online. For example, Live Quran for Kids offers the best online Quran classes for kids and beginners as well. Hence, one can get Quranic and Islamic education via online Quran teacher. In this modern era of technology, this mode of learning the online Quran is the best fit for every Muslim around the globe. They do not only aim to teach online Quran. Besides that, they also make you aware of other important concepts of religion Islam like Jihad, pillars of Islam, articles of faith, etc.

Misconception regarding “Jihad”

What is the concept of Jihad? In more general terms, the word jihad refers to the duty that is incumbent on all Muslims for following and realizing Allah’s will for leading a virtuous life and aid in helping the extended Islamic community via preaching, example, education, etc. one may learn more aboutthe Holy war in detail from an online Quran teacher. The foremost, misunderstanding related to jihad is that it is the creation of Muslims by themselves, however, it is truly with intentions towards Allah almighty.

The Message of the Prophet  & Jihad

Our beloved Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him) said “The greatest of all jihad is the one who did the internal jihad”.  Hence, meaning Holy war against the self. Why is greater jihad important? The greater Holy war is the one to do self-jihad, which influences the lives of Muslims as it represents a struggle day by day. In which one restrains themselves from temptations, and struggles to avoid doing what Allah almighty has abandoned Muslims, like alcohol, adultery, etc. Live Quran for Kids, offers online Quran classes to learn Quran online with Tajweed and Tafseer. So one can understand the true meaning of the teachings of the Holy Quran.

Pillars of Islam as Holy War

What are the types of Holy war according to Quran? Moreover, there are four main types of Holy war mentioned in the Holy Quran, these are bil-qalb (jihad with one’s heart), bil-lisan (jihad with tongue), bil-yad (jihad with hand), and bil-sayf (jihad with sword). Furthermore, you can learn each type with explanation through Quranic verses from an online Quran teacher, which are highly qualified in this respect.

  • Learning the Holy Quran by heart or engaging yourself doing other perspectives of religious study is also a kind of jihad. Hence, one can learn Quran online with the rules of Tajweed from an online Quran academy.
  • Control or restrain yourself from being angry, greedy, hateful of others, pride, etc. Moreover, online Quran teacher helps you and your kids to develop strong moral character according to the teachings of Allah almighty. In addition, overcoming smoking, alcohol, etc. These kinds of terms come under the Holy war with self.
  • Cleaning the floors of your nearby mosques, playing a role in the Muslim community o preaching the message of Allah almighty, working for social justice, forgiving those who did bad to you, etc.

Advantages of taking online Quran classes

Nowadays, online Quran classes are the best convenient way which is easily accessible by everyone. How to take online Quran classes for free? Live Quran for Kids, offers a free trial for online Quran classes for kids and adults as well. Therefore, their customers can get 100% satisfied with the learning way of their online Quran teacher.

  • Flexible timings with the option for selecting time and days.
  • Economically affordable online Quran classes for everyone.
  • Certified and highly experienced online Quran teacher.
  • Save fuel charges with no traveling mode.
  • Customized Quranic and Islamic courses to learn Quran online.
  • Online Quran classes for every age group of people.
  • Options for choosing male or female Quran tutors.
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