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In the early period, when the Quran was revealed to Hazrat Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him) after each verse revealed to Him by the angel  Gabrial AS, He make it learn to His companions so they can memorize and keep it safe in their heads for future. In this way, the Quran was saved, by making memorizing it to people. However, later after the death of Hazrat Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him), the verses were compiled into a book as Quran.

Every Muslim wishes to memorize the Quran through Online Quran Classes, and for this reason, there are several ways by which one can memorize the Quran in their heart and soul. How to memorize the Quran? One can memorize it from the Qari, available nearby in mosques, or may approach Islamic scholars. However, the most reliable and appropriate way to memorize the Quran is through online Quran teachers.

Quran Memorization
Memorizing the Quran

Rules for memorizing the Quran

Sincerity (Ikhlaas)

It is an obligation for one, before memorizing the Quran, his/her intentions must be pure and correct just for the sake f Allah almighty. As the person who recites and memorizes the Quran just to show off, he will not get any reward in return from Allah.

Correction: For Pronunciation & Recitation

After the Ikhlaas fulfillment, the next step is to memorize the Quran with its proper way of pronunciation, which can be learned through online Quran classes. Therefore, it is a must to learn the recitation of the Quran from a professional tutor, who can make you memorize the Quran.

Reciting to others and daily time limit for others

One must set a specific period on a daily basis to do recitation of the Quran’s verses so memorizing it easily. Or the other way is to do recitation in front of others which makes you flawlessly reciting the verses.  However, online Quran classes for kids make this precious task much easier, through modern tricks and tools used by online Quran teachers for their students to learn Quran online.

They teach online Quran to make it memorize and understand the Quran to students through online Quran classes. As one can memorize the Quran, by sitting at home with the best online Quran teachers provided by online Quran academies. The person who memorizes the Quran is known to be “Hafiz”, the process is called “Hifz”.

Memorizing Quran

Reciting to others and daily time limit for others

The holy Quran is the divine script of Allah, which is the sole source of guidance for all mankind on this earth.  Allah is the keeper of the Holy Quran and He has taken the responsibility of preserving of Quran. Additionally, it has been preserved in the hearts of millions of Muslims around the globe by memorizing it. One can memorize it by learn Quran online.

  • Memorization of the glorious Quran will open the doors of blessings for you. As the Quran contains the pure words of Allah, and when someone memorizes, he/she can feel Allah’s blessings in this world and it will also intercede on the Last Day. Professional online Quran teachers are available with the proper planning for making one memorize the Quran step by step in an easier mode through online Quran classes.
  • Memorizing or recitation of each letter of the ten Quran will make you earn ten good deeds in return along with the removal of ten bad deeds of you. For example, by a recitation of surah Al-Khawthar contains a total of 42 letters, (it is the shortest surah of the Quran), one can earn 420 good deeds for their account by Allah mighty, and it can be recited within just a few seconds.
  • The glorious book Quran contains the all subjects and sciences of life. Therefore by memorizing the Quran, one can easily explore the way to lead life according to the will of Allah. It explains the rules for law, legislation, cosmic, science, medical, social, and cultural values, marriage and divorce, etc. From your online Quran teachers, one may seek help in any aspect for guidance as they are certified Quran tutors.