Online Quran Classes by Religion Islam

To learn Quran online, to understand and to educate concerning the teachings of the religion Islam. It is known as the academic study of religion Islam. Islam is a monotheistic religion. Islam is included in the world as one of the major Religions. The people who follow the religion Islam are known to be ”Muslims”, which means “the person who surrenders to Allah”. There are six articles of faith in the religion Islam, to believe in the oneness of Allah (Tauheed), on the Day of Resurrection, on prophets, angels, holy books, and commandments of Allah. We have proposed this special Islamic studies course for Muslims to get aware of their religion Islam and to spread its message. Islamic studies course is for kids, and adults as well.

Online Quran Classes by Religion Islam
Islamic Kalam

Theology of religion Islam: Islamic Kalam

Islam is the way by which Muslims live their life according to the will of Allah to worship Him and to get prepare for life after death. Whose rewards are the forgiveness from Allah almighty and a reward of heaven in the last? Learn Quran online, and teach you about the theology of the religion Islam via appropriate sources.

Narratives of Islamic History

In this aspect, you can learn about the historical perspectives of Islam, online Quran teachers will make you learn about the iconic life stories of prophets and their testimony times. The battles fought in the way of Allah will be told, so one gets to explore more about religion.

Fiqh and Articles of Faith

It is about Halal & Haram, what is Wajib and from what to abstain, Mandub, Islamic laws (Mubah), and Makruh. Fiqh is known to be “Islamic Jurisprudence”. Which is one of the most significant features to learn. There are four levels, the introduction, then for beginners, intermediate, and in the last come the most advanced. We make you learn the proper education for Fiqh so one should get awareness regarding it through online Quran classes.

One must develop strong faith in the belief system of Isalm, as one cannot enter into the circle of Isalm until he/she accepts it with pure intentions. These include the belief in ones of Allah, and He is the only supreme power, to have a firm belief in the prophets of Allah and His last messenger Hazrat Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him), the Angels, all Holy books, and on the Day of Judgement (the life after death). Our well-trained and certified online Quran teachers will teach you about this aspect in detail so you can get the appropriate knowledge for this.

Fiqh and Articles of Faith

Pillars of Islam

There are five pillars of religion Islam, Shahada, the Salah, Sawm, zakat, Hajj, and. Through our online Quran teaching, you will be able to learn the most important part of the religion Islam. The most important aspect is “Shahada which is to develop the belief that there is only one Allah and He has the power for everything. Our online Quran teachers will teach about how to perform prayer (Salah), the way to do ablution (Wudu), recitation of verses for performing Salah, etc, you can also learn about the Sawm (fasting). They will make you learn about the Alms giving that is zakat how to pay it and how to calculate it according to the rules of Shari’ah. The pilgrimage (Hajj), its importance, and its rituals can learn from online Quran classes.


For our student’s kids, our online Quran teachers will make them learn the Hadiths so they know about their religion Islam and how to live accordingly. We also make them learn small and interesting stories of certain prophets through online Quran classes.

We have a professional online Quran teacher who will make you learn the bounties of the religion  Islam. We make learning easier and more interesting especially for kids and beginners so they can see the true image of the religion Islam, as it provides the complete code of life.