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As we all know that the holy Quran is the last book from Allah, revealed by our beloved prophet Hazrat Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him) in 610 AD century. Quran is comprised of a total of 114 chapters which are known as surah that contains verses or ayahs. For ease of reading and recitation, the Quran is divided into thirty equal parts which are called “Para” or “Juz”. These surahs are further classified based on their place o revelation, that is “Meccan” or “Medina”, whether they were revealed in Makkah city or at Madina. Several online learning websites for kids, adults, and beginners are available to teach online Quran. How to learn Quran translation? One can learn the translation of the Quran through online Quran classes, where online Quran teachers are provided for this perspective.

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Advantages to Learn Quran Online with Translation

As for Muslims Quran is a sacred script, and they must lead a life according to the Islamic rules and instructions to follow Allah’s path and to seek His blessing not only for this world but for life after death. Following are the advantages to learn Quran with its translation through online Quran classes for kids and adults as well. Especially for overseas Muslima, where the availability for learning Quran is fewer.

To understand the religious responsibility

The Holy Quran is stuffed with particulars about how to shape your life for worldly affairs as well as for the Day of Judgement. As Arabic is not a native language for every Muslim, therefore, Quran has been translated into various languages so one can understand it in their speaking language.  So, to understand the religion Islam and the Quran lessons, translation is an important act.

For understanding the verses of the Quran

We also provide Arabic tutoring so one can learn this language for learning and recitation of the Quran easily. We provide online Quran teachers who speak various languages so that students who live abroad can easily communicate to learn Quran online.

To expand your knowledge

By learning of translation of the Quran, your knowledge regarding the Quran and Isalm increases. We provide a comfortable environment where our online Quran teachers teach in attractive ways so the student learns Quran online with more interest. One may choose to learn Tafsir of the Quran of their favorite or chosen author in their online Quan classes.

verses of the Quran

Reasons to Learn Quran with Translation

There are so many reasons to learn the Quran not only for the purpose of just recitation but also for a better understanding of the meaning of verses of the Quran with translation. However it is not possible to enlist all the valid reasons, well some of them are discussed below. Well if someone wants to learn more about this, they may take service from the online Quran teachers, who will guide them more appropriately.

  • To understand the hidden message of Allah in the Quran verses, one must learn the translation of the Quran from a valid source. So, one can get to know the reasons for the revelation of the Quran.
  • If you know the translation of the Quran and learn it by yourself, no one will misguide you in this aspect. Special online Quran classes are arranged for this purpose so every Muslim around the world may get to know the teachings of Allah almighty via Quran so they can apply them in their lives.
  • By learning the translation of the Quran from Learn Quran online, one will become able to differentiate between what is right and wrong, between good and evil, what to do, and from what to abstain.
  • When you learn the translation of the Quran, your faith will become stronger as there are so many things that are mentioned and explained in the holy Quran, almost 1400 years ago, which are now proven by the science days world. Online Quran teachers also guide these small things during their lectures to teach online Quran.