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Learn Quran Online with the rules of Tajweed and Tarteel from our expert and professional Quran tutors.

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One can choose a course from our wide range of Quranic and Islamic courses that covers almost every aspect of Allah’s teachings.

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Our online Quran teachers conduct monthly assessments to evaluate student’s progress

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The best feature of online Quran classes is that they are easily accessible worldwide to learn Quran with certified online Quran teachers

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Start to learn Quran online with the pioneer and leading global institute for learning of Quran and the religion Islam. We provide a facility to learn the Quran through the channel of cost-effective online Quran classes for kids and adults as well. We believe in experiencing convenience and professionalism through our online Quran classes. We have specially designed the Quran courses for you and your kids to learn more simply. Our online Quran teachers will make you learn step by step with the proper guidance of Quran learning with Tajweed and provide vital knowledge regarding the religion Islam for you and your children. If you are looking for the best online Quran learning organization, then you are come to the right place by choosing us to learn Quran online from the comfort of your home with certified Quran tutors. Our mission is to provide the education of the Quran for Muslims all around the globe.

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Tajweed and Tarteel

Quran with Tajweed

Perfect Quran recitation

Quran memorization

Quran translation

Basic Islamic Education

Short Surahs memorization

Learning how to pray Salah

Memorization of daily duas

Learning Islamic principles


Basic Course

Learn Arabic Alphabet

Recognizing Arabic Letters

Correct Pronounciation

White Board Sessions

We offer Quranic Courses of your choice with Online Quran Classes

New modern Technology has provided us with new methods of learning Quran with the easy availability for every Muslim student all around the world. Learning the Quran is an obligatory duty for every Muslim, so we have made this target easier for everyone. We do provide various Quran learning courses for every age factor especially to learn Quran online with Tajweed, Tartil, Tafseer, or translation. Subject-specialized online Quran teachers are provided for each respective course to make learning more effective. We do provide the facility to choose a course of your own choice or interest for learning the Quran. With the use of advanced technology of the 21st century, we aim to provide online learning of the Quran with comfort and safety at your home. Online Quran Classes‘ aim is just not only to make you learn Quran but also to make you reflect on the teachings of Allah in your lives and to follow the Quran.  We do provide Arabic tutoring for non-Arabs, so they can learn Quran afterward easier.

Online Quran Classes

Advantages of Learning Quran through Online Quran Classes

Choosing us to learn Quran online will prove to be the best option for you and your children, as an online mode of learning has various benefits along with several features. We provide online Quran classes for almost 90 countries worldwide, especially USA, UK, Europe, UAE, etc. One can select the best online Quran teachers from around the world with the most affordable charges. It is the most convenient, reliable, and easily accessible to all modes of learning the Quran. Regardless of the boundaries of countries, one can Quran learn online from any region of the world, at their choosable timings and native language.

As Quran is the sacred context of Allah with the complete code of life, therefore one must learn it and apply it in their lifestyles to get blessings of Allah and guidance for worldly affairs as well as for the last Day. Our online Quran teachers are trained for such purpose as to intend Islam’s teachings to shape your lives. Hence, the online mode of learning the Quran is suited for all, as one does not need to travel to attend online Quran classes. Additionally, as parents are more concerned for their kid’s safety these days, this mode to learn Quran online is a safer way to get Quran education at your home with comfort and safety.

Where I can learn Quran online?

Several Online virtual Quran learning institutes are available that conduct online Quran classes that offer a wide range of Quran learning courses through online Quran teachers, for example, Iqra Quranic is one of the best recommended online Quran academies. One just needs a device with a stable internet connection and a headset to learn Quran online.

How can I learn the Quran online for free?

Some online Quran learning institutes also provide financial support to needy students so they can get a Quran education for free. Iqra Quranic Academy also offers a free trial for their online Quran classes to learn Quran online for five days to satisfy their students.

Are online Quran classes are good?

Learning Quran online has several advantages over the traditional mode of learning as one can take online Quran classes at home with comfort, learning Quran online is cost-effective, and parents can easily supervise their kids, so there are a lot of advantages to taking online Quran classes.

Is Quran Academy free?

Online Quran Academy charges very affordable fees to learn Quran online. They also offer free online Quran classes to needy students. They offer weekly and monthly payment packages according to one’s convenience.

Our Courses

At Learn Quraan Online we provide a wide variety of courses. Enroll in one or more courses of your choice.

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Worldwide Recognition

Learn Quraan Online is serving since 2011 in more than 90 countries of the world including the USA, UK, Europe, Australia & Canada.


24/7 Service

Our Quran lessons are available 24/7, allowing both you and your children to learn at your convenience, even with the busiest of schedules.


Appraisal Certificate

Upon the successful completion and evaluation of our course, we provide a certificate of completion which will be sent to your mailing address.


Easy Online Payments

We have simplified the process of securely and safely processing your invoices through multiple payment options including credit cards, local bank transfers, and PayPal.


One-on-One Classes

We are offering the individual classes in Brother to Brother and Sister to Sister, with one-on-one learning mechanism


Evaluation Reports

At LearnQuranOnline, our quality control team not only monitors our teachers but also provides monthly progress reports to keep you updated on your learning journey.


Online Panel

At our institution, we utilize a comprehensive learning management system to keep track of schedules, lessons, complaints, and payments for efficient record-keeping.


Alternative Teachers

We have alternative teachers available to ensure that you won’t miss your scheduled class in the event of your teacher’s absence.


Multilingual Tutors

We make every effort to recruit highly skilled Quran teachers, both male and female, from Egypt, Jordan, and Pakistan, who are experts in their field.

Our Prices


Free Trial


5 Days/week

Duration: 30 min

Fee: 50$


3 Days/week

Duration: 30 min

Fee: 35$



Duration: 60 min

Fee: 50$



Duration: 30 min

Fee: 30$


Hifz / 5 Days

Duration: 60 min

Fee: 80$

Our Honourable & Respected Clients

I have been taking online Quran classes for memorization and Islamic Courses from the institute, the quality Quran teachers that they provided are the best and professionally trained for the purpose to learn Quran online. Inshallah, I will continue to learn Quran with them and advises others to join also if they truly want to learn Quran online.

Nadir Aslam Baloch

Alhamdulillah, I am sincerely pleased with my learning Quran online experience with the Iqra Quranic. The online Quran teachers are very friendly, encouraging, and attentive during one-to-one online Quran classes. I have felt confused with several institutes but Iqra Quranic helps me gain confidence now in learning Quran.

Sara Ahmed

When it comes to seeking the knowledge of Holy Quran, this institute is recommended best, the quality of teachers and the comfort of the environment they provided are the best. My children are very happy and encouraged to learn Quran online with attractive ways of learning. Iqra Quranic is very hard working and makes learning easier.


About Us

Iqra Quranic is an online Quan teaching organization with bases in the Pakistan and USA which aims to teach online Quran to every Muslim around the World regardless of the age factor and country boundaries. We offer our online Quran classes to the USA, UK, Egypt, Europe, Denmark, Norway, and Germany, almost covering 90 countries around the globe. We aim to make you attain the blessings of Allah Almighty by learning Quran for recitation and understanding the teachings of Allah through the Holy Quran. Besides making you read and recite the Quran, we enforce to make you a good role model in society to represent being as a Muslim. Our online Quran teachers provide a positive and supportive environment for students to learn Quran online with more focus on kids so they can explore more about Islam and Quran lessons.

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