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by | May 29, 2023

Online Quran Classes: Before performing Salah, or recitation of the Quran, one must prepare themselves mentally, physically, and spiritually to bow before Allah almighty. Further, cleaning physically meant to do wudu. It is a procedure of cleaning your body that one must perform before praying. It plays a significant role, that if someone does not perform wudu accurately, then his Salah will not be accepted by Allah almighty.  Our Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him) said “No Salah will be accepted without doing Wudu (ablution)”.

How to learn the basics of wudu? The best source for learning such important aspects, one may take help from their online Quran teacher. Learn Quran Online arranges special sessions for these learnings for their Muslim students. Though, one can easily learn wudu steps through online Quran classes. One will be able to learn the step-wise guide for wudu, along with its importance from online Quran teacher. The word “Wudu” is an Arabic word that means to wash certain parts of the body.

Pros of learn Quran online

The Holy Quran contains vast aspects through its verses the chapters. Therefore, it is the duty of every Muslim to not only learn to recite the Holy Quran, but one must understand its teachings. However. Simply recitation is not enough; one should approach some appropriate way to understand Tafseer of the holy Quran. There are several online learning websites for kids and beginners, through which you can learn about the Quranic and Islamic education. They have the best qualified and certified online Quran teacher to teach online Quran and about Islam’s perspectives.

Steps to perform Wudu with Learn Online Quran classes

What are the benefits of Wudu? There are several benefits of ablution, as it helps to clean your body part five times a day, before offering prayer, which removes microbes and dust particles from certain parts of the body. Online Quran teacher guides you through conducting one-to-one online Quran classes sessions regarding the performance of ablution.

Make your intention for doing wudu

First of all, one must have pure intentions for doing wudu. However, there are no such words, although one must have a clean heart with purely true intentions for offering prayer.

Reciting Bismillah

Moreover, before initiating Wudu, one should say Bismillah (In the name of Allah) silently in yourself or the heart. Hence, one should always say Bismillah, before doing any kind of work, to have the blessings of Allah almighty. Online Quran teachers, not only teach Quran online, but they also help their students to learn the ethics of the religion Islam.

Washing hands three times

Our beloved Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him) teaches us to start Wudu with the right hand always. Therefore, firstly, wash your right hand starting from the fingertips to the wrist three times, making sure that each part will get wet enough. Similarly, do the same with your left hand as well. Live Quran for kids, offer a special course regarding offering Namaz. Through this, their experienced online Quran teacher will teach the method of doing Wudu as well.

Rinse mouth three times

Secondly, rinse your mouth thoroughly with water three times with the use of your right hand to clean your mouth correctly.

Cleaning Nostrils | Online Quran Classes

Furthermore, take some water in your right hand, and sniff it into your nostrils to clean it. The word “sniff” is meant for inhaling some and exhaling water into the right and left nostrils, turn by turn to clean it. Mulsim who live abroad, where the Muslim community is in the minority, this way to learn Quran online is the best option for them. In this way, they make their kids aware of their religion Islam by choosing online Quran classes for Kids for them which are accessible to every country.

Washing Face three times

Afterward, wash your face three times thoroughly, in such a way that every inch of the face gets cleaned. Starting from the top of the forehead to the chin of the face, including ear-by-ear washing. Do it thrice.

Washing of Arms thrice

Starting from the right-hand initiates from the fingertips to the elbows of the arms, wash it three times, both right and left hands and arms. Make sure that no part of the hand is left dry.

Wipe Head for once | Online Quran Classes

Now, wipe your head just once, (not washing), by moving your wet hands from the front of the forehead to the back of the head, and vice versa. Love Quran for Kids, offers a free trial of online Quran cases, to make their customers satisfied to learn Quran online.

Clean Ears once

The next step is to clean your ears, with wet hands for once. Use your index finger to clean the inside of the ear while the thumb uses for cleaning the back of the ear.

Washing feet

The last step is to wash your feet three times, starting from the right feet. The feet should be clean starting from the toes to the ankles with water in such a way; no part should be left dry.

Recitation of Shahada & Dua

However, last, after performing each step for wudu, one must recite Shahada and Dua, which our beloved prophet recites after doing wudu, after which the task for making ablution is completed. If one wants to learn the way of wudu and wants to explore more teachings regarding wudu, one may take help from an online Quran teacher.

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