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by | May 25, 2023

Teach Online Quran: Allah has sent Holy Quran, so all humanity can get directions from its surahs. There are a total of 114 chapters in the glorious Quran. Each surah covers a vast subject for discussion, which one must learn from professional scholars. One of the most efficient ways is to learn Quran online. How can you learn Quran online? The online Quran academies, teach online through conducting online Quran classes. They have a team of experienced and certified online Quran teachers with a mission to provide an opportunity for every Muslim for getting a Quran education.

Surah Saffat | Learn from online Quran Teacher

It is the 37th chapter of the Holy Quran, with a total of 182 verses. The name of the surah is taken from its 1st ayah, in which the word” Al-Saffat” is mentioned. However, this word is used as a reference, while it contains many other subjects too. It contains a total of 865 words having 3899 letters. How can I learn recitation of the Quran with Tajweed? Online Quran classes for Kids offer specific courses for teaching recitation of the Quran with Tajweed. Moreover, one can learn Tafseer of various chapters of the Holy Quran with the help of qualified online Quran teachers.

Learn Divine Rules of Surah Saffat

What is the meaning of Surah Al-Saffat? The literal meaning of this surah is “Those who set the highest ranks”. This surah was revealed when the prophet Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him) and His companions were facing difficult times, during the last stage of staying in Makkah. How can I take online Quran classes? One can enroll themselves in an online Quran academy, like Live Quran for Kids, with an easy online procedure. This is the most reliable way to learn Quran online with experiencing professional tutors.

  • Allah almighty testify that your Allah is one and Shatain don’t have any excess for anything
  • The Day of Resurrection and life after death are true and real events
  • Facts of scenes from Day of Resurrection
  • A beautiful view of scenes from Paradise and Hell as well
  • A story of Prophet Hood of Prophet Musa AS, Yonus AS, and Lut AS
  • The promise of Allah almighty to help His Prophets and believers
  • The story of Hazrat Ibrahim AS and asking Him for the offer to sacrifice His only son for the sake of Allah

Summary of Surah As-Saffat Learn

Surah Saffat has five Rukus. Online Quran teachers, will explain the details of each verse of the surah word by word, so one can understand the true message of Allah almighty. This surah explains the various messengers of Allah almighty. In addition, how they preach the divine message of Allah almighty. The truth of Allah predominates. Furthermore, the warnings for those who disobey the supremacy of Allah.

The narrative of Hazrat Ibrahim AS, when saw a dream to sacrifice His only son by the command of Allah almighty. It gives the motive to every Muslim to sacrifice themselves and their belongings for the sake of Allah almighty. Learn Quran online academies, also offers different kinds of courses to understand Quran teachings. The online Quran teachers also help to preach the message of Allah almighty and their students to make them role models in their society.

Pros of taking online Quran classes

Learn Quran online prove to be the best method for everyone. Additionally, services offered by online institutes are more reliable and in access to everyone. You can take online Quran classes, by sitting at home or in a convenient place in comfort. They provide one-to-one interactive sessions to teach online Quran. You can make your kids and family learn Quran recitation with Tajweed, about our religion Islam and their obligatory duties.

You can learn the Pillars of Islam, including how to offer prayer (Salah), the benefits of Sawm (fasting), How to give charity or alm-paying (zakat), and how to perform rituals of Pilgrimage of Hajj. Online Quran teacher also teach Arabic Tutoring a course of Arabic tutoring for Non-Arab Muslims. Those who wish to memorize the Holy Quran, learn Quran online academies, also offer memorization courses for them. One can also learn to memorize short or long surahs of the Holy Quran according to their wishes.

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