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by | Jun 5, 2023

Holy Books: There are six articles of Faith in the religion Islam. These articles include having a firm and stronger belief in the existence of only one Allah SWT, to have belief in the Angels (creatures almighty), in the four Holy books revealed on Prophets, belief in messengers of Allah SWT, belief on the Day of Judgment, and the fate that whatever comes in life, whether bad or good, is by the will of Allah SWT.  Hence, being a Muslim, we should all have faith in these aspects otherwise the condition to be a Muslim cannot be fulfilled.

What are the Books of Allah SWT and their importance in Islam?

Allah Almighty has sent four divine scriptures known as the Holy Books. These books were revealed through the messengers of Allah almighty for the guidance of all mankind. What is the role of the books of Allah almighty? However, all Muslims consider these divine scripture as the message or pure words of Allah SWT for all humanity for their benefit, giving guidelines for every aspect of one’s life. There are four divine scripts that Allah almighty has sent from time to time to different nations through various prophets to preach Allah’s message.

How to learn about the Holy Books?

For getting an education on Quranic aspects and the religion Islam, one must adopt an accurate way for learning purposes. However, one can get Quranic education by visiting nearby mosques or Madrassas, where one can learn with the help of available Qari or Islamic scholars. However, the more appropriate way, the much-adopted method is to learn Quran online. One can easily get registered through learning websites for kids and adults to attend online Quran classes. One of the best characteristics to learn the Quran online is that you do not need to travel for learning. Hence one can learn from online Quran teachers at a sitting home or convenient place.

The four Holy Books

What does Allah SWT say about Holy books? As Muslims, we do believe in the four Holy books of Allah SWT, that He revealed to other prophets as well besides Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him). However, the first three divine scripts become altered over time, while the Holy Quran is still in its pure form without any changes in Allah’s message. As the duty of its preservation has been taken by Allah Almighty Himself. Are online Quran teachers qualified? Live Quran for Kids, facilitates with the world’s highly qualified and certified online Quran teachers for your online Quran classes. They vide several options for the Quran tutor to teach online Quran.

The Tawrat

The Holy book “Tawrat”, was revealed to Hazrat Musa A.S. It was revealed to the children of Bani Israel, the nation of Prophet Musa A.S by Allah SWT, for their guidance. Which prophet is Tawrat for? It is the book of Jews to the Prophet Moses (Musa). But over time, people do certain changes to the script, therefore, the original message of Allah almighty has hanged in the Tawrat. How to learn Quran online? It is the simpler and easily accessible mode for every Muslim of the globe without any restrictions for time days and country boundaries. This Holy book comprises a total of Ten Commandments by Allah SWT and revealed Prophet Musa A.S, on the Mount of “Sinai”.

The Zabur

The word Zabur is derived from the Arabic word” Pslams”. This Holy book was revealed by Prophet Dawud A.S and was an inscription on the leaves of the palm. Moreover, it was also a saying that the revelation came in the form of songs or chants on Prophet Dawud A.S. From a Hadith, it is narrated that Prophet Dawud A.S sings the verses of Zabur rather than reciting traditionally, as Prophet Dawud was also honored to be a king. Furthermore, the script of the Holy Book tampered with time. Hence, the original is not available. If someone wants to learn details of these Holy books, you may learn through online Quran classes for kids and beginners.

The Injeel

It is also known as the “Gospel”. It was revealed to Prophet Isa A.S. In the Holy Book Quran, the word “Injeel” comes 12 times. The people of the religion “Christianity” have faith in this book. Live Quran for Kids, offers various subjects to learn Quran online. Hence, for each perspective, the online Quran teacher is specialized to teach different subjects related to the Quran and Islamic studies.

The Holy book “Quran”

The Holy Quran is the last divine book by Allah almighty. It was revealed to Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him) through the Angel “Gabriel” on the mount “Hira”.  It is the source of guidance for every human on the earth. It contains the pure message of Allah almighty, which is still present, unaltered after so many centuries. It is the Holy Book of the people of the religion Islam. Therefore, it is an obligatory duty to read and recite the Quran. Nowadays, learning Quran online via online Quran classes is the most chosen and reliable way of learning.

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